Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The journey from book to a movie

"But the book was so much better than the movie!!" One thing you can hear quite frequently when a book turns into a movie. Sure, we like to see a movie based on the book we just read.

But does the movie justify the book at all? A book is a cauldron of piping hot fantasies and situations which when read, springs to life inside your head. It is fascinating to think that there is a small corner in your head that turns words into images. But what happens if the book doesn't meet your imagination?

Most of us get excited when we hear that our favourite book is going to turn into a movie. We might even get all excited and go see the movie. The movie would have been incredibly, no doubt. And with all that excitement you go watch the movie. What if the movie is a total buzzkill? The scenes you envisioned cut thanks to the time factor (and also money!). Popular movies are based on books; from classics such Wuthering heights to the latest Edward fever, everything seems to be turning celluloid. So the ultimate question here is; the book or movie? Which one would you prefer? It's not an easy answer. The answer however lies somewhere in between.

Full report here Times of India

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