Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jaishree's secret is out!

A short interview with indian author, Jaishree Misra about her latest book A Scandalous Secret. She was in the city recently, for a book panel at Landmark. 

Jaishree Misra made a splash in the pool of Indian fiction with her auto-biographical Ancient Promises. She soon went on to release Rani and Afterwards in the subsequent years. The chirpy and ever-smiling author was in Chennai recently at a book panel in Landmark, with her new novel The Scandalous Secret. The author opens up about her new book, her protagonists and a life that revolves around her writing.

What is A Scandalous Secret about? Does it have semi-autobiographical undertones like Ancient Promises
No autobiographical elements whatsoever, thankfully! It's the story of a young woman (Neha) who becomes pregnant while studying as an undergraduate at Oxford University and is persuaded to give the baby up for adoption. Shattered by the experience, she returns to India and tells no one about it, not even the man she subsequently marries. Eighteen years later, however, the child she gave up (Sonya) - now herself a young woman about to start university - decides to come to India in search of her biological mother. It's a story that explores the rather unusual idea of rejection within the mother-daughter relationship.

Full interview here Times of India 

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