Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Balancing rhyme, metre

Senior corporate executive Arun Kumar, sayshe finds joy in capturing impressions in verse. His book of poems Plain Truths has just been published

Writing poetry comes to him as easily as computing accounts or balancing spreadsheets. Welcome to the verse-filled world of Arun Kumar, an entrepreneur and senior corporate executive and now a published poet. Arun's first compilation of 40 poems in English titled Plain Truths has just been brought out by Current Books, with a painting by none other than Anjolie Ela Menon as the cover.

“I was drawn to poetry right from a young age; right from the time I was a student at Lawrence School, Lovedale [near Ooty]. The credit for inculcating my interest in poetry – and literature in general – goes to the late W.J. McMahon, our fabulous English teacher at school, and to my father, B. Madhavan Nair, too,” recalls Arun.

Enjoyable endeavour
“I enjoy the idea, the economy of poetry that allows me to express a lot in as few words as possible and leave a lot unsaid. In fact, I remember jotting down verses whenever I felt like it all throughout school and even during my college years, studying physics at University College here in my native Thiruvananthapuram. It's something that I still enjoy doing. That's not to say that writing poetry is cathartic. I find poetry a fun, enjoyable way to capture an impression in verse,” adds Arun. The Silicon Valley, California-based poet sat down for a chat with Metro Plus, at his parent's house in Kowdiar while on a recent visit to the city.

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