Sunday, August 1, 2010

An epic tale

Debut author Sarita Mandanna has penned an Indian version of Gone with the Wind set amidst the coffee plantations of Coorg, says Samita Bhatia

It’s being talked about as the Indian version of Margaret Mitchell’s iconic Gone with the Wind with traces of Colleen McCullough’s bestselling novel, The Thorn Birds.

It’s also made waves as the novel that bagged Sarita Mandanna the highest advance ever paid by an Indian publisher to a first-time author. Penguin India has reportedly handed over a tidy Rs 35 lakh to Mandanna for her debut novel, Tiger Hills.

The 30-something Mandanna chuc-kles: “I was so taken aback, disconcerted, embarrassed and even horrified by the advance.’’

For the five years that she was writing the novel, she says she was literally living under a rock and virtually no one knew — even at her office — that she was writing her magnum opus. “The advance came as a complete shock,’’ says the Toronto-based Mandanna. But she hastily adds that the advance figure (which triggered the pre-release hype) was grossly inflated.

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  1. Never thought I would read Tiger Hills , a novel from a debutante with so much interest