Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I’m a nostalgic person: Anjali Joseph

Anjali Joseph’s Saraswati Park has been described by author Amit Chaudhuri as “the best debut novel I have read in a long time”, it has been selected as one of four  short listed titles for the third round of Rising Stars promotion for 2010 and it also landed the young author on Telegraph’s list of Britain’s top 20 authors under 40. In her debut novel, Joseph offers the reader with a piece of Mumbai that has slowly trickled away to oblivion.

She says that Saraswati Park was written in a flurry of homesickness, “I’m a nostalgic person. The house in the novel resembles my grandparents’ house in Mumbai, where I spent most of my childhood.” She recounts fondly, “We weren’t a very athletic family. Everybody read a lot. I was fascinated by this when I was four and couldn’t wait to start reading. Every time books diverted their attention away from me, I thought to myself, “even I want to do that!”

Anjali believes that her book portrays Mumbai as it really is, without the gloss, “For the average Mumbai-kar, his daily life takes precedence over shopping arcades. His life revolves around his early morning train ride to work and back. It is as simple as that.”

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