Thursday, August 12, 2010

India now has seven magazines on gay issues

After a far-reaching judgment on homosexuality last year, India's publishing world is abuzz with as many as seven magazines on issues of interest and concern to the gay community, with topics ranging from glamour to safe sex.

Some of these magazines may be in the form of e-zines, but their popularity - going by the number of downloads each of them claims - is making their publishers also look at the possibility of print editions in the near future.

All, nevertheless, say it is thanks to the Delhi High Court judgement July 2 last year, which decriminalised gay sex among two consenting adults and not only raised awareness about this community but also helped them speak about themselves.

'This shows a growing confidence and optimism in the Indian queer community and the need for expression of the younger generation,' says Ranjit Monga, 46, a media consultant and documentary filmmaker, commenting on the rise in the number of queer magazines.

The newest entrant in the magazine space dealing with gay rights and issues is Manvendra Singh Gohil, the erstwhile prince of Rajpipla in Gujarat and a self-confessed queer, who has launched a publication called Fun.

'There was a need to highlight the issues faced by the community, which the mainstream media did not address adequately. I also wanted to connect more with my community. Then I thought this medium would be the best to reach out,' Gohil told IANS.

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