Saturday, August 14, 2010

I’ve absorbed the natural world in my books: Deepak Dalal

What made you interested in writing for kids?
It is a disturbing fact that kids in India read more of foreign books and know better about the foreign land than their home turf. Kids can only be interested in reading when the information is dished out to them in a palatable manner. Keeping this in mind, I have written six books in my 10-year-long writing career.

What is it that you want kids to pick up from your books?
I realise that kids these days know very little beyond the tethers of their own city. India is a beautiful country with a lovely geography. Since all my books are set in India, I want to make the kids familiar with our environmental and wildlife content.

What has been your biggest achievement as a writer?
My books are now used in nearly 100 schools as part of their curriculum. However I felt really heartened to know that my second book Ranthambore Adventure has inspired many kids across
India to join several ‘save the tigers’ campaigns and conferences.

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