Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jyoti Basu loved pasta, says grand-daughter and gourmet author

He was West Bengal's chief minister for 23 years but he was no Bengali at heart when it came to his favourite food. Jyoti Basu was a European gourmet fan who loved 'light pastas, salads, soups...', says his grand-daughter Mallika Basu, the latest Indian cook-book author.

'Dadu (grandpa) loved Western food. Whenever he stayed with me or I was home, he would tell me to cook pasta - a light variety of rigatoni pasta with tomato base sauce or mushrooms. He liked mild vegetable soups with croutons and vegetables sauted lightly,' Mallika told IANS here.

But he had a bugbear. Jyoti Basu, India's Communist legend who passed away in January, was finicky about his meat, according to his London-based entrepreneur grand-daughter. 'He loved his meat cooked succulently soft - almost like the texture of a fish,' Mallika said.

Her book, Miss Masala: Real Indian Cooking in Busy Living, published by Harper-Collins was released in the capital Friday. The book throws the kitchen in trendy focus - making cooking sassy, smart and hilarious.

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