Friday, August 6, 2010

Kama Sutra gets an audiobook

The classic 1600-year-old Indian guide to sex and human relations, the Kama Sutra, is available as an audiobook for the first time. The news was announced August 4 by publisher Beautiful Books, which is now selling the title for download on its website.

The Kama Sutra uses the text of an ancient Indian Hindu script ascribed to Mallanaga Vatsyayana, who originally wrote it for India's Warrior caste. In 1883 the first English translation was published under the guidance of the Victorian Imperialist explorer Richard Burton.

The classic guide has been a best-seller in its own right and has also seen several variations over the years, including a 2003 pop-up book (The Pop-Up Kama Sutra: Six Paper-Engineered Variations) and a 2006 Complete Idiot's Guide. Among its modern-day claims, the title was BitTorrent's number-one pirated e-book of the year in 2009.

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