Wednesday, August 11, 2010

M&B's romantic boon in India

Here is the best example of the exaltation of two consenting adults in the mood for whoopee. Harlequin Mills and Boon (M&B), once the lovey-dovey of teenage imagination, has introduced four of its imprints in India, with plans to add more from its global portfolio.

“India is potentially the largest overseas market for the M&B brand,” says Manish Singh, country manager, HM&B India Pvt Ltd.

In India, HM&B sells Blue, which is modern romance, Pink for romance, Desire for seduction and passionate desires and Special Moments for family and friends. To this, they will add Historical later this year and Nocturne next year.

“The Nocturne series is about para-normal love, romance with werewolves and vampires. This is a genre which is very popular in India,” says Clare Somerville, HM&B general manager, India, UK and export sales.

Full report here Economic Times

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