Thursday, August 5, 2010

NE conflicts may find place in Bhagat’s next novel

The writer whose bestseller Five Point Someone was adapted to create Bollywood’s biggest blockbuster ever in the form of 3 Idiots could just find another plot of his story in the North East India. At least, he is open to it.

The youth icon in Chetan Bhagat, the author of bestsellers like Two States and Three Mistakes of My Life today conceded that he is open to the idea of carrying out a research on the internal-strife of the North East region and the problems attached with it and use them as a possible plot of his forthcoming novel.

“In fact, the intention behind coming to Guwahati is to have a feel of the area and its people but then to pen a book I would also have to do a lot of research on the subject,” said Bhagat, asserting that he would continue to be an entertainer rather than a serious writer even if he touches sensitive issues like he has been doing in all his four books.

“The problems of drugs which I heard is prominent among youths here is a disturbing thing,” he noted.

Bhagat was speaking during a press conference organized at the Royal School of Engineering and Technology, which is stepping in its second year of inception.

On his next book, Bhagat informed that he is yet to work on his next publication and at the moment he is writing script for a movie. Bhagat’s book One Night @the Call Center was also adapted for Hello, a movie which faced lukewarm response at the box office. On his visit he said, “My books, I am told is widely read in this part of the country and I am happy to be here.”

Full report here Assam Tribune

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