Thursday, August 12, 2010

Of Tully’s tales

I have seen this doctor who lives in our neighbourhood with his family leave for the hospital at odd hours, rushing to attend to lives desperately holding on to the hope of his arrival.

It was easy to believe that he had little time for any literary indulgences or any other diversions for that matter. But occasional chats with Dr Easwer revealed an avid book buff who squeezed reading into the already crammed scheme of things, often by compromising on the hard-earned hours of respite.

Bookie felt it should probably be inspiring for reading aficionados to learn about a much sought-after neurosurgeon who, though “forced to forsake it (reading) due to pressure on my time and energy from all the acts of daily living,” believes that books are as important to him as food and water.

Happily obliging to Bookie’s request to share one of his favourite reads, the doctor had stated at the outset that he had a preference for “books on India and by Indian authors. There is an explosion of young Indian authors writing in English and this has great appeal in terms of relating to things they write about.” And  it was Mark Tully’s The Heart of India, which had kept him engrossed on a flight to Mumbai about three years ago, that he picked for Bookie.

Full report here New Indian Express

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