Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Soft-spoken, yet prolific

Cris Seetha turns an intruder to media-shy K Indira's writing world.

Sitting quietly by herself in her living room, she is scribbling fast and hard on white sheets of papers spread across a table.

Page 158. Beautiful curves of Malayalam letters in blue ink fall rhythmically on the paper. They seem impatient to finish the story, as much as the writer. K Indira lifts her head, least perturbed by the intruder who has come in between her letters and herself.

Mornings and afternoons are her creative hours. This is one such hour. Author of 12 books, Indira is still media-shy. But she does not refuse to tell the story of her long association with letters. “When I was young, I did not get much encouragement. I used to send something to Kaumudi when I was in college. Later when I got a job in PWD, I stayed at a ladies’ hostel and that was when I published more—in Kaumudi, Janayugam, Kerala Kaumudi, etc,” says Indira. She giggles as she talks about hiding a novel under her books on the eve of exams.

It was after her marriage to Kilimanoor Remakanthan, a well-known writer in Malayalam, that Indira began reading more. For once, she did not lack encouragement to read and write.

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