Monday, August 9, 2010

Tea and sundal with Tamil writers every month

It could be a scene from a novel: Famous Tamil writers and connoisseurs gather around a well in a leafy green backyard to discuss literature and the arts, while sipping on hot chai and nibbling sundal. Tamil writer Gnani has brought the scene to life at his home in KK Nagar, where such meetings held on the second Sunday of every month.

"The moment I saw the well in the backyard of the house I was renting, I had visions of people who loved the arts gathered around it in the evenings, discussing literature, music and movies," says Gnani. He called his friend, scriptwriter Bhaskar Sakthi, and Keni Ilakkiya Sandhippu (literary meeting around well) was started at No 39 Alagirisamy Road in KK Nagar. In the last year, writers such as Ashokamitran, Ki Rajanarayanan, Jeyamohan, S Ramakrishnan, Prapanchan, Nanjil Nadan, Sukumaran, Dilip Kumar, Tamilselvan and Bama, film director Balu Mahendra and Mahendran have addressed Keni meetings.

"We thought it would be a small affair but 70 people attended the first meeting. There were 90 at the second and now we have an average of 200 people attending every meeting, including my landlord, who loves the idea" says Gnani.

Full report here Times of India 

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