Friday, August 13, 2010

Times book brings climate issues closer to people

The Times of India has always strived to keep issues on environment in focus, engaging its readers with burning topics and raging debates. In an initiative to bring science and issues surrounding climate change closer to the people, the group launched a compilation of essays on climate change on Thursday, August 12.

Climate Change, Society and Sustainable Development: Agenda for Action was launched by agriculturalist M S Swaminathan at a ceremony hosted jointly by Times Foundation, supported by Times Group Books, and FICCI. The book encompasses 20 essays contributed by 20 authors and 10 co-authors. The essays have been listed under five main heads of `Impact and assessment issues', `Science, society and environmental education', `Financing market mechanism and food security issues', `Volunteering and CSR for a smart planet' and `Mitigation and adaptation strategies'.

"The book is highly comprehensive and deals with pertinent issues such as CSR and mitigation. Climate change largely affects poor nations and the poor in all nations. We also have to study and understand the societal impact of climate change and how it affects lives and livelihoods. Anticipatory mitigation measures are extremely important to take,'' said Swaminathan.

Full report here Times of India 

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