Friday, August 6, 2010

Weaving magic in a plot

Deepak’s latest book Sahyadri Adventures features Vikram and Aditya  along with a girl  Chitra and their adventures in Sahyadri. Deepak’s books are set in exotic locations like Lakshadweep, Ranthambore, Ladakh, Andaman and now the Sahyadri. The best part is that he gets to stay in these places for research work! Windsurfing in Lakshadweep — check, snow leopard expedition — check, well, one gets the gist. Excerpts from an interview:

Tell us about your two latest books Sahyadri Adventure — Anirudh’s Dream and Koleshwar’s Secret.
The two books follow the adventures of Vikram and Aditya in the Sahyadri. Koleshwar’s Secret is a sequel to Anirudh’s Dream, although one can be read independent of the other. Just like the Harry Potter series took seven books to tell the story, this needed the two books. But it took me a long time to finish these two books (almost four years) because a lot of research was involved.

Your protagonists, Vikram and Aditya, always put up a good fight?
Well, they tackle things intelligently. They are always fighting against mining industry. For instance, the Supreme Court passed rule to stop all mining in Kudremukh or Bellary because mining was taking place in a forbidden territory. With just two to three per cent land preserved as sanctuaries, at least choose where you mine sensibly.

Full report here Bangalore Mirror

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