Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The big break

With the rise of new technologies, the Internet etc, the death of the reading habit among children has been predicted by many a self-proclaimed expert.

However, Shoba Naidu, author of an adventure story for tweens contends: “That is not true. Stories and books continue to fascinate children in the pre-teen age group.”

The book tells the story of Mushtaq, who lives in Kashmir with his mother. He discovers a yeti and embarks on an adventure to find proof for its existence. “From childhood, we have been brought up on a diet of adventure stories written by foreign authors. I have always felt that this space needed to be filled by stories, Indian children could associate with.”

A former journalist and the wife of an Air Force officer, Shoba says that the book was the result of a news item about a yeti that she read many years ago. “I wrote a short story for my son, which was based on the news story. When the idea for a book came, I added more characters, plotlines and created a larger story.”

Is it easy to take a plunge from a lifetime of filing news items to taking up the author's pen? “It is not a very difficult task. In news, there is a need to be concise and short. When you are penning a book, you can let your imagination run riot. I felt that my grounding in journalism ensured that the book was concise and short.”

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