Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Venomous tongue of Rai

Women empowerment, though it is in its infancy, is worrying some males to extreme. They are so scared that they are not able to judge before opposing the rights of women to be considered as human. Those males do not like to see the female autonomy. To prove their point, they quote from the scriptures of India in which Indra goes unpunished after raping Ahilya. This lesson from scriptures shows that woman should worship husband like a God no matter how immoral he is. Tulsi Das makes his hero Ram discard Sita to teach women to follow male dictates without a voice of revolt.

In modern times women are trying to come out of their shells, making a concrete space for themselves by articulating their own desires and dreams. These wishes and dreams were lying buried in the cave of women’s heart for ages. Males of this conformist society do not like women to disregard their domestic duty to make their career. Women when require cooperation of males in carrying out these household responsibilities, try to take another root to avoid it. Males can not sacrifice their careers for family and women do not have right to make career at the expense of family

This difference in choice now does not work at the scale it worked before. But fanatics are still living in the age of Manusmriti and Panchtantra. They still try to apply rules and lessons of scriptures for feminine gender. So does Vibhuti Narain Rai in his interview that shows his ethical death when he makes degraded comments about women writers. His comments humiliate every female writer. He hurts every sensitive ear and revered name in the field of writing from Sarojini Naidu to Imtiaz Dharker.

Full letter here South Asia Mail 

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