Tuesday, August 10, 2010

His story

He was a chemical engineer, but decided to follow his true calling writing 10 years ago and went on to create the Vikram Aditya series, an adventure tale involving two young detectives, modelled on famous youthful crime busters such as the Famous Five and Secret Seven series.

“The stories have elements of travel, photography, adventure and exotic locales. I enjoy all these activities tremendously and they find a place in the books,” says Deepak Dalal, the author of the series. Speaking at the launch of the latest book in the adventure series, Sahyadri Adventure at Reliance Timeout, Deepak says, “I always felt that most children growing up in urban areas do not learn much about their own cities. Schools follow a regimented style, which ensures that students give up the subject as soon as they can.”

“Sahyadri Adventure” is a story that goes back and forth in time and concerns itself with a tale in the Sahyadri ranges that surround Pune, Deepak's home town. “The regimented form of teaching history ensures that not many children or adults have any idea about the history of cities like Mumbai, which has seen a multitude of changes in its long history.” Though the Fort in Mumbai is a well known location, not many people know that an actual fort stood on that very location few centuries ago, he points out.

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