Friday, August 13, 2010

On a different wicket

Czar of book retailing in the city, A.K.Kuppuram, is passionate about giving adults and children enough food for mind, writes Soma Basu

A.K. Kuppuram is a familiar name among city’s book buffs. In fact, he is popularly called “Bookram” by many who know him for years. But tug him a bit and he reveals he doesn’t mind being called ‘Jonathan’.

“I am like the free-wheeling seagull in Richard Bach’s book learning about life and struggles. I am an ordinary man who wants to be different,” when he says so, his earnestness spills over. He is perhaps one person who defies his qualification, background and knowledge to own Madurai’s one of the landmark shops and definitely the only decent book store – The Turning Point.

With no qualms, he utters humbly, “I may not be well-read and love reading comics. But I want our children to be passionately interested in reading. Selling books is not a profession but a service. The reader alone enjoys reading the book he picks up and to help him choose the best book is my interest.”

This service he has been rendering in his own way for the past four decades, burning holes in his pocket all along. Yet, nothing can beat the zeal and sincerity of this 60 year old. The sheer tenacity and desire to draw both adults and kids to reading, drives him on his chosen path.

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