Monday, August 2, 2010

This is the best time to write for children, says author

Even in this age of Cartoon Network, Wii, Playstations and iPods, it seems that kids are returning to the basics of entertainment: reading. And adults have an optimistic notion that this trend will continue to grow. In light of this, Shoba Naidu released her first children’s book, On the Yeti’s Trail, on Friday at Crossword.

The book is about a young Kashmiri boy, Mushtaq, who lives in the remote Himalayan ranges with his mother during his school vacation. On his break he stumbles upon a ‘Yeti’ better known as the ‘Abominable Snowman’. Along with his friends, Mushtaq sets out on an adventure to find proof that this creature really exists.

Shoba Naidu, who did her masters in communication and journalism and bachelor’s in education, worked in various publications in India such as the Economic Times as a journalist. Tired of writing facts, she turned to fiction.

“I wanted to write for kids for quite a while,” says Naidu. “I read a few lines in the paper a few years ago about a yeti, that’s when I got the idea and wrote the story. Though I wrote it many years ago, I got to publishing it only now,” she says.

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