Saturday, May 15, 2010

I was a writer even as a militant: Shobasakthi

Erstwhile LTTE fighter turned author, Shobasakthi admits he would like to be known as more than just a former militant. Now Parisien and a refugee, he says he always knew he could become a writer one day.

In an email interview from Paris, the author of novels like Gorilla and his latest, Traitor, writes, “I was a writer and dramatist even as a militant. I wrote propaganda poems and pamphlets about the liberation of Tamil Eelam, and created the theatrical performances that were played in the villages. I had more than my share of the imagination needed for a writer. I should admit that the height of my imagination was my hope that we would gain a socialist Tamil Eelam through militancy.”

In his latest novel Shobasakthi walks the reader through the most tumultuous times in the history of Sri Lanka, when gore, torture and murder were everyday occurrences — details that were perhaps lost between the tug of war between LTTE and the Lankan government.

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