Sunday, May 16, 2010

The monk who sold stories!

The name’s Bond, Ruskin Bond. Author Advaita Kala meets the legendary author in his Mussoorie home to talk about a life without regrets as he turns 76 this week! 

He remembers me instantly from our meeting a year and a half ago. In this time he has read my book and heard the soft murmurs of a film. I am flattered and mention that I have heard of his film as well. In fact, we share a leading lady — Priyanka Chopra. Yes indeed, he laughs. The film. He was offered the role of an old monk in it. But he had to decline; there was to be no bottle. What’s an old monk without a bottle?

So begins my conversation with my childhood hero — Ruskin Bond. It’s Saturday evening at the Cambridge Bookstore in Mussoorie and it’s meet Ruskin hour. Word on the street travels afar, and a queue of impatient readers winds its way around Mall Road. Meeting Ruskin is a must in Mussoorie. He’s a bit like Santa this evening, sitting on a chair, posing with readers and signing books. He smiles every time, always has something to say — a thank you, an anecdote and that delightful laughter that rumbles in his belly before escaping from his mouth in soft chuckles.

Full report here Times of India

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