Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tagore is us

Metro lists 20 reasons why Bengalis cannot do without Rabindranath Tagore

The celebrations have begun for the 150th year of Rabindranath Tagore’s birth. Here are 20 reasons why the Bengali still needs him. Without Tagore:

 It would be difficult to convince the world that some Bengali men were always tall. And handsome.

Ad-women would have been different, too, especially during Pujo and Poila Baisakh. Take the one featuring the pretty young woman in a red-bordered sari, freshly bathed, eyes lined with a flat thick soft line of kajal, a glowing big sindur bindi on her forehead, holding a tamrapatra full of puja ingredients, smiling shyly and invitingly with her full but demure lips, perhaps smelling of champa phool? So far so good. Until she sights the dude wearing The Deo and tumbles into something very un-Bengali-ladylike. When she emerges from the, er, event, the bindi is smudged and the sari slightly askew. Very Rabindrik, front and back, though, perhaps, not in the middle.

 The dropping anchal, or pallu, of the ad can’t lure our eyes away from the beautiful young widow in a sheer, okay, almost, white sari, no blouse and all, heaving with passion. No Tagore, no Aishwarya Rai, no Chokher Bali, the recent film.

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