Saturday, April 24, 2010

Desha Kaala turns five

Desha Kaala, the Kannada quarterly journal, has turned five. A moment of celebration and reflection...

At five, can one say, “has stood the test of time”? It indubitably seems like a fitting expression for these times that we live in, more so in the case of creative endeavours. Desha Kaala, the quarterly Kannada journal, completes five years and has much to celebrate – turning up right on dot, a fetching weave of aesthetics and content, a vaunted contributor list; to speak of those in plain sight.

Kannada has always had a rich tradition of Little Magazines, if not copious. Some literary, and some non-literary. While most of these have been purely literary in their concern, the later ones like Sakshi and Rujuvathu seriously strived for a cross between mainstream magazines and academic journals and hence are more than just literary. They were more a product of their times, without cocooning themselves in the comfort of literary flourishes: they addressed the unrelenting social, cultural and political questions. Desha Kaala strives to belong to this space – addressing larger cultural questions, along with an engaging dose of literature.

Full report here The Hindu

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