Sunday, April 25, 2010

Workshops help art push new frontiers

Aesthetic exchanges at interactive workshops that give a sense of purpose, involvement of the community and new populist idioms have helped art reach out to the widest cross-section of people over the last decade. The change, as Robert Loder, founder-director of the Triangle Arts Trust, Britain, said has been 'brought about by the new interactive nature that art has acquired as a result of workshops and public projects that rely on people's participation to carry art forward as tool of communication and mass awareness'.

Loder, known as the "workshop man" for pioneering the concept of art workshops across the globe, was in India to launch the Khoj Book - the country's first ever printed volume on community, workshop and interactive art - at the British Council here Friday.

"I think the art workshop experiment has been the most successful in India when compared to other countries across the globe. It has brought about a big change in the artistic temperament of the country. Artists can now articulate and express themselves in more creative ways," Loder said.

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