Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fairytale, poetry, horror in Tarun Jung Rawat's art

Young artist Tarun Jung Rawat cuts across literary and artistic references to produce what he describes as 'fairytale art' that boasts of 'playful magic realism'

'I always try to imbue my works with a quality of playful magic realism. I believe in magic,' says Rawat, whose exhibition 'Never Mind the Bullfish, Here's Spot of T' is on at the Visual Arts Gallery in India Habitat Centre in Delhi.

'As a child, I was fond of reading books by Roald Dahl and Edgar Allan Poe. The spooky and the sinister quality of their stories held me captive. Later, as I matured into a designer and then as an artist, the sinister aspect of their tales lingered in my mind. And I allowed shades of horror and magic to creep into my works.

'The T in my 'Bullfish...' is double-edged. It stands for the quintessential pot of a lazy 'chai' or Tea and the artist in me,' Rawat, who is in his 30s, told IANS.

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