Thursday, April 22, 2010

Painting black humour

Kazi Anirban has plenty in common with his grandfather Kazi Nasrul Islam, the great revolutionary poet from Bengal, who lashed out against oppressors in society with fiery words.

 But what his grandfather said in words, Kazi Anirban says on canvas. “I like to think that my works are poetry on canvas,” says Anirban. Both speak out particularly against inequality of women in society which Anirban says existed during his grandfather’s time about a decade back and sadly, still exists in society today. Although Kazi Nasrul Islam stopped talking in the later half of his life due to an illness, Anirban strongly feels that his grandfather did not want to speak. “He had written in one of his poems in Bengali that he would speak only when the malfunctions in society stop. Maybe that’s why he stopped talking,” Anirban says of his illustrious ancestor who, when he died in Bangladesh was refused to be handed over to India as they considered him as their own. In fact, by the time Anirban’s mother went to collect his body, the burial was already done.

Full report here Bangalore Mirror

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