Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Publishers eye children's books market

It is that time of the year when books on Tenali Rama and Harry Potter take the place of science and maths books. Summer vacation, among many other cheerful things, gives children the freedom and time to read at leisure what they love.

Book publishers too gear up for the brisk season ahead. Activity books such as colouring and handwriting have begun to see a 50 per cent jump in sale, according to C.J. Raja, in charge of designing and production of Apple Publishing International Private Limited.

Bookshops have already stocked children's literature, bringing good news for the distributors of such books. Nearly 4,000 books for children are being shipped every month to Malaysia and Sri Lanka and the next two months would see an increase, says T. Senthil Kumar, proprietor, Rhythm Publishers.

“A majority of books that are shipped are Tamil fiction. The two countries are a major market for Tamil books,” he observes.

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