Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am the Tendulkar of England: Jeffery Archer

Perhaps the fact that Lord Jeffrey Archer churns out one or two books every year, explains why he has never had writer’s block. He’s a ruthlessly disciplined writer, he tells us, before adding that the next five years of his life is set. “I’m writing a series of five books called the Clifton Chronicles.”

Archer is in the city to launch Landmark’s latest store at Palladium and announce the worldwide release of his latest collection of short stories — And Thereby Hangs a Tale. He has included true stories from all over the world — US, Germany, England and even India. “People tell you stories all the time and if you’re lucky you get one story in that 20, that you really want to write about,” he says.

He tells us how he found the Indian story, Caste Off: “About two years ago, I was in Mumbai at a party where I met this couple — two Hindus from two different castes who fell in love. The twist that I’ve given is unbelievable.”}

Full report here Hindustan Times

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