Sunday, May 2, 2010

My name is Khan

Someone e-mailed me this joke recently: In New York's Central Park, a huge Rottweiler breaks loose from its leash and savages a small blonde child. A skinny young man rushes up and, at great risk to himself, saves the child by wrestling the dog to the ground and finally, in desperation, killing it.

When it's all over, the child's mother comes up to the little bloodied man and thanks him profusely. It turns out turns out she's a famous journalist and she tells him she's going to run a front page story about him in the New York Times headlined, “American hero saves child from vicious monster”.

“But madam, I'm not American,” the little man replies. “Oh, what are you then?” asks the journalist. “I'm a Pakistani, madam”.

So the next day's New York Times carries a screaming headline, “Terrorist strangles pet dog”.

Full review here Hindu

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