Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A place for reading, listening and gaming

Miniaturisation has been a key trend over the last two decades — huge ghetto blasters have given way to thumb-sized MP3 players, there’s absolutely nothing in the FMCG space that you can’t buy in a sachet and large bookstore chains have tried to cram themselves into little corners and holes in the wall.

It’s heartening then to step into the latest Landmark store in Mumbai at Lower Parel, scheduled to open officially on May 4. At a massive 42,000 square feet, it is the largest Landmark outlet anywhere in the country. It stands at nearly thrice the size of the book and music retail chain’s first store in Mumbai.

It has allowed Landmark to introduce many different aspects that were previously out of bounds. Prominent among these are the gaming zone, a lounge-like area where the latest videogames and consoles can be tested; a photo unit in association with HP to print pictures taken on digital cameras or mobile phones; a vastly expanded children’s section and what seems almost quixotic in this day of declining CD sales — a large music section.

Full report here Economic Times

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