Monday, May 3, 2010

Prof Shonku to be filmed by Sandip Ray

On the 89th birth anniversary of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray, his director son Sandip on May 2 said he wanted to capture on celluloid his father's famous science fiction character Professor Shonku as a tribute.

"I have plans to direct a film based on Professor Shonku's expedition in two years. Let us see how it turns out," Sandip said while affirming that his next film would be 'Gorosthaney Sabdhan', a best-seller mystery tale involving Ray's popular Bengali detective character 'Feluda'.

The books on Professor Shonku included Byomjatrir Diary (in Sandesh magazine) published in 1961, followed by Professor Shonku o Harh (in Sandesh, Professor Shonku o Macaw (in Sandesh), Professor Shonku o Egyptio Aatonko (Egyptian terror) in Sandesh, Professor Shonku o Chi Ching and others including Unicorn adventure.

Full report here PTI

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