Friday, May 7, 2010

Publishing gets facelift with new tech & products

If you are a starry-eyed young man wanting to become a top-notch entrepreneur, you probably would want to launch a technology company than go for the brick and mortar types. But some lion-hearted entrepreneur will still tread the beaten path and take on the established giants while looking to change the game all over again.

Leonard Fernandes is one such brave man. The 34-year-old likes listening to Goan pop and Miles Davis and plays the guitar once in a while. In his spare time, he also likes reading books. When he is at work, he is busy printing these books. Fernandes owns the Margaon (Goa)-based Cinnamon Teal Publishing, an on-line e-publishing portal where anyone with an interest in writing can request for publishing his/her creations on-line. Publishing can be done either for one or hundred pieces, depending upon the author’s choice.

Since 2007, when Cinnamon was set up with a paltry sum of Rs 1 lakh, Fernandes and his wife Queenie have been busy launching 15 titles every month. Business is growing 50% year-on-year. “I earn almost a fifth of my Rs 20 lakh a year revenue from our buyers, and it gets multiplied as more people become members,” Fernandes says, as he discusses plans to raise Rs 1 crore “to expand operations and make tie-ups with major publishers like Penguin.”

Full report here Economic Times 

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