Sunday, May 2, 2010

Secret affairs

In David McMahon’s novel, Muskoka Maharani, Harry Barnsley, an Australian journalist in his 'very late fifties', who is 'often drunk' although not an alcoholic has to find the biggest news story of the year if he wants to keep his job...

A tip from a colleague, Charmaine D’Souza, takes him to Canada, to Muskoka, north of Toronto, to the settlement of Port Carling, in pursuit of Charmaine’s Aunt Serena. This same Aunt, although reluctant to speak to him at first, relents and presents him with a story that will not only save his job but also shake the world.

At this point, the story shifts back in time to 1934, to a place called Marsdengunj, in eastern India and it is soon clear that the protagonist of this book is really Serena, not Harry Barnsley at all. He is merely the narrator of the story.

Full report here Deccan Herald

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