Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Short message, deep impact

There is a complex homogeneous relationship between language and culture. This has been the basis of civilization and the advancement of human endeavour. The rise of any civilization was also marked by the richness of its language. The Vedas from India, the writings of Confucius, the famed library of Alexandria in ancient Egypt or the Ephesus library of the Greeks, all have played a critical role in spreading knowledge. Language helped you express, chronicle and spread knowledge. But now the entire world of language and culture is changing, it’s becoming shorter and the norms of expression are changing. What kind of impact will it have on emerging culture?

Interestingly, shortening of language cannot be ascribed to mobile phone devices alone. Mathematics has its own universal sign language of add, subtract, divide and multiply. Morse and stenography are depended on a series of shortened symbols that makes the language. There are symbols such as ‘!’, ‘?’, and ‘&’ that are universal across most of the languages. What the youth has done is that they have juggled with the languages to create a new code. This code uses lesser words, numbers instead of words, expressions that are unique and it cuts across the globe.

Full report here Financial Express

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