Sunday, May 2, 2010

Slitting your wrists with cut motions

Imagine a bank hold-up situation. The gang leader, flanked by sidekicks, points a gun at the manager. “Give me all you got,” he says, “or I’ll shoot.”

The bank manager simply smiles. The gang leader shoots. Click, click – he has blanks. The bank manager requests the gang leader to reload the gun. The leader reloads and fires. However, this time he points the gun at himself and shoots his face off. In pain, he asks his sidekicks for help. They are already cuddling up to the bank manager.

No, this is not a scene from a ridiculous comedy movie. It’s akin to what transpired in Parliament during the recent BJP-led purposefully titled ‘cut motion’. The only thing the BJP ended up cutting was its wrists. This is something it has done so often in the recent past; BJP jokes are no longer funny. Just as you don’t make fun of suffering people, you almost want to leave the BJP alone. They fire their most senior leaders over inconsequential passages in inconsequential books; almost every known leader is a prospective PM candidate; their leaders faint at their own rallies and their allies vote against them ‘by mistake’. Also, no one knows if they are now pro-Hindu or pro-Hindutva; communal or anti-communal or anti-Muslim. The only thing clear is they are anti-themselves.

Full review here Times of India 

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