Friday, May 7, 2010

‘TN thrusting Tamil language on non-Tamils’

 Indian National League (INL), a Muslim organisation - on Saturday charged the ruling DMK government with attempting to thrust Tamil language on non-Tamil students in the State in the name of Common School System.
Briefing newsmen in Chennai on Saturday, Syed J Inayathullah, president of TN unit INL said, more than one crore people including 30 lakh Urdu speaking Muslims would be affected by the government’s move.

“The new system of education denies opportunities for non-Tamil students to learn their own regional language.
Therefore, our children would be confined only to English and Tamil,” he claimed.

Pointing out that there are 400 Urdu schools in the State, he wondered how the students would be able to grasp Tamil literature, when students with Tamil as mother tongue were facing difficulties in learning the language.

Full report here New Indian Express

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