Thursday, April 2, 2009

New online book portal launched

Narayan Murthy, Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies, formally launching, an online book store founded by a Bangalore-based start up company. “There are millions of books that are not available directly to buyers in India and need to be sourced from a distributor or publisher from the US. In view of this need, we decided to start a company that could offer the largest database of books to Indian buyers and become the default destination for bibliophiles across the country,” said Anand Rao, founder of

“Our portal is very user-friendly. You can type either the author’s name or the title of the book and we will ship it to you in the shortest period once you have made the purchase. We have made it a point to stock rare and unusual books that are not easily available to the collector in India.

“Imported books constitute 30 per cent of the Indian market and while our initial target is definitely the imported book market, as we grow we hope to stock local titles as well. We would also be open to providing a platform for book exchanges, something along the lines of E bay, among our buyers,” said S N Kumar, Director,

“Internet users are by and large well-educated and constitute 86 per cent of our user base. By targeting this segment we feel we can definitely give India’s e-commerce a big boost since we offer them a choice of over 12 million titles on one portal.”

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