Friday, April 3, 2009

Pak Writers Exchange to promote literature

The Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) will implement a novel idea of writers’ exchange programme, which will help men of letters explore features of common heritage and age-old historical and cultural links, said a PAL official. This includes exchanges with India, which has almost broken of relations with Pakistan since the 9/11 attacks in Mumbai.

He said the programme would be initiated to promote literature and strengthen the mutual ties among different countries. The programme will include the writers of European countries, Kyrgyzstan, China, India and others, he said.

The official said the programme would also enable the Pakistani writers to share their thoughts and feelings with the writers of other countries, opening a new horizon of knowledge. Using platform of the programme, the writers will understand each other’s concerns by sharing information and experiences about the developments in language, literature and writings of their respective countries, he said.

The official said the PAL had also signed a pact with China for exchange of writers between both the countries annually

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