Saturday, April 10, 2010

Borges-bab, "picture speaks thousand words!"

I witnessed the recent 2nd Konkani (Romi Lipi) Sahitya Sammenalan. Though it is in its infancy stage (just second year) I was thrilled see the enthusiasm in people who attended the Sammelan. Morever it was a very pleasant surprise for me to see, so many collections of Konkani books in Roman Script. I enquired about the books with the person who was managing the stall and was very delighted to learn that most of those books were published in just one year.

Number of people discouraged Konkani (Roman script) because of the dirty lobbying in Goa who wanted just to grab Govt money for their selfish purpose. Thus the interest in Konkani (Roman script) was diminishing. But because of the lift from DKA I am very happy to see the trend in Konkani (Roman script) flourishing. This is indeed a good sign.

Full report here Bellevision

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