Monday, April 12, 2010

Commonwealth Writers Prize: Commerce or art?

It usually takes the promise of top-shelf whiskey to prompt Delhi-ites to grab their Vuittons, hop into their 7-Series and head towards a cultural event, be it books, or music, or art. But with the regional winners of the Commonwealth Writers Prize 2010 in town, it's too good an opportunity for culture spectators to pass up -- even if there wasn't any Black Label on offer.

From the winners in the prize's four geo- graphical regions, one will be selected for the Best Book and Best New Book, today, Monday 12th April.

In South Asia, Rana Dasgupta (originally from the UK) is up for Best Book for Solo, while Pakistan's Daniyal Mueenuddin's In Other Rooms, Other Wonders, will compete for Best New Book.

Click here for a full list of nominees. In the lead-up to the big night, there's been a jam-packed schedule of talks, readings and panel discussions featuring nominees from as far afield as Samoa and Nigeria.

Full report here CNNGo

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