Sunday, April 11, 2010

Give more space to creative writing

First Proof: The Penguin Book of New Writing from India-5 is an anthology of Indian writing in English, with a few, very few, translated works. The aim is to publish the best new writing from India, with first-time writers showcased, something on the lines of Granta, perhaps. It is unusual in that it does not give credit to an editor. (One does wonder how it got compiled if no editor was involved). The contributors are distinguished persons from various fields though it is doubtful whether these are the first published pieces by them, as claimed.

The subject matter, chosen by the authors, especially in the non-fiction segment, are varied too.  They range from a description of the normal middle-class life led by a woman who is a prostitute by profession, by Bishakha Datta, to a fishing expedition that fails in its primary aim by Samanth Subramaniam. Aditya Sinha talks of how the attitude towards different types of sexuality change, and yet don’t change, over time. Shilpa Phadke and her co-authors discuss the availability or otherwise of a public place for women. Other contributors in the non-fiction line up include Krupakar and Senani narrating a real-life kidnapping, Rita Kothari on the language of Kutch, Vamsi Juluri on violence and nonviolence, and Satnam speaking of the daily life of guerrillas.

Full report here New Indian Express

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