Sunday, April 18, 2010

India thirsts for more new writers, says publisher

There is a huge market in India for new writers in fiction like Chetan Bhagat who appeal to urban readers, says the head of a publishing firm born only three months ago.

'There is a huge market out there for these books, whether the literary elites like it or not,' says Divya Dubey, founder of Gyaana Books.

'The advantage is that thanks to these books, more erstwhile non-readers have begun to read. Skeptics of course don't subscribe to that view, but it's a fact,' Dubey told IANS in an interview.

She was asked about the flood of new writers like Chetan Bhagat who seems to have captured the imagination of the urban readers.'My opinion is that it's the current fad, and will run its course and die out after a while. But if it helps us create more readers, it's a good thing.Some of them begin to experiment with morre serious books and develop taste for them. I know that for a fact; so I'm not dead against it. Moreover, people are free to choose what they wish to read,' she said.

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