Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mahatma’s sexcapades in ‘Naked Ambition’!

The unblemished image of the father of our nation has been questioned in a recently released book in UK – ‘Naked Ambition’ by Jad Adams. In the book, the author gives an explicit account of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s tryst, not with India’s independence, but (hold your seat) his sexual run-throughs with his followers' wives and his teenaged grand-nieces!

With a motive to bust all the sacred myths surrounding the father figure of our nation, the writer through his book has tried to prove that Gandhiji had a freakish libido and he was very much driven by the pleasures of the flesh like any other being.

Following are the excerpts of what Jad Adams said as he released the book in UK:

- “I feel a lot of information about the man has been obscured after his death where people have chosen to mythologise him and lend him an air of sanctity.”

Full report here Zeenews

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