Sunday, April 11, 2010

Murder most mysterious

Feluda, a young detective, sharp-witted and observant, was created by Satyajit Ray the Bengali film maker. Ray loved writing and making films for children and wrote the Feluda stories too. The relationship between Feluda and Topshe is sure to remind you of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Topshe learns a lot just by being around Feluda, and Feluda bounces ideas and observations off Topshe to trigger a chain of logical thinking.

When Feluda, “Jatayu” ( Lalmohan Babu) and Topshe discover the body of a man when they go on holiday to Puri, things begin to look a little suspicious. They had just heard about the death of the famous wildlife photographer … but it seems like there is no connection between the two. Then there are some strange crooked footsteps they notice on the beach leading away from the dead man.

Following them, they enter a mysterious and dilapidated old house, which belongs to a D.G. Sen, who is passionate about palm-leaf manuscripts, which he considers works of art. He is also obviously very attached to them for he will not sell them, even at a very high price. On their way back from the house they meet a photographer on the beach.

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