Sunday, April 18, 2010

On breezy evening, Urdu poetry soars

As the cool evening breeze soothed the burning heat of Delhi on Friday, a gathering of over 1,500 at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, witnessed the 11th edition of Mushaira Jashn-e-Bahar. In between rows of chairs was a well-placed farshi with masnads (a huge mattress with cushions) to bring back the aura of old times while huge fans sprinkled rose water to lend the evening its fragrance.

Dwelling on the theme 'aman-o-dosti', peace and friendship, the poets — from India, Pakistan, UK, Canada, UAE and Nepal — created a mesmerizing evening of nazams, ghazals and geets that touched upon terrorism, Indo-Pak peace sentiments and failed love.

Sample the following missive from Hyderabad's Gos Mohammad Khamakha. 'Talwar gar hawa mein chalaogey khamakha, baazuein thakengi,marega koi nahi. Ikatha kar liye hathiyar jo ladne ke liye, jama karte itne phool toh chaman muskura uthtey.' (If you wave your swords in thin air, only your arms will ache, none will die. Instead of amassing weapons to fight, had you collected flowers, we'd have gardens smiling).

Full report here Times of India

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