Sunday, April 18, 2010

Punjabi language on the wane?

What it could be more pitiable that Punjabi, the language of 19 million people of Punjab and equal number of population abroad, is grossly neglected in our educational institutions.

Punjabi language and literature is taught only in 40 out of 450 colleges in the province at graduate level and at postgraduate level only at Punjab University. No other public or private university cater the classes in Punjabi language at any level. What is more surprising is the fact that there is no Punjabi teacher in number of colleges as there is only one teacher in 40 colleges where the discipline is taught. There is no research journal in Punjabi literature except The Lekh, a biennial literary journal in the private sector. It is edited and published by a renowned Punjabi scholar Prof Dr Nasir Rana of Govt MAO College.

‘The Lekh’ is tri-lingual journal carrying literary articles in Punjabi, Urdu and English. The first issue of ‘The Lekh’ was brought out in June 2005 and since then it is published regularly without any editorial and financial support from anywhere.

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