Wednesday, May 5, 2010

India is now an international country: Archer

On A visit to Mumbai to inaugurate the country’s largest bookstore — Landmark — author Jeffrey Archer said: “The fact that India has invited a British author to inaugurate the country’s biggest book store proves that India is very much an international country now.”

The author of Kane & Abel and A Prisoner of Birth says the country’s youth reads well and is not influenced by the TV and internet. Advising aspiring writers, Lord Archer told ET: “It takes me around 1,000 hours of hard work and energy to write a single book. If anyone wants to write a book, one should read books. Great writing evolves from great reading.”

Lord Archer, who has also been an MP, says India has a great appetite for reading good literature. “Indians are basically story lovers, just like the Irish. They like stories where it should have a beginning, a middle and an end. If possible, it should have a twist also. Malgudi Days is the best example of that.”

Full report here Economic Times

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