Wednesday, May 5, 2010

India scopes online book market

India is a country where book sales and numbers of publishing houses continue to grow, and not merely among the English-reading elite of nearly 11 million.

This country is also exhibiting a range of viewpoints when it comes to how the Internet factors into the work of books.

At the Jaipur Literature Festival earlier this year, India’s best-known investigative weekly magazine, Tehelka, ran a cover story based on a survey of 1,152 people in nine Indian cities, which found that “people still prefer reading a book that they can dog-ear, fold and spill coffee on.”

Only 20 percent of respondents said they have read e-books, and 92 percent of these have read them on PCs.

Still, the time famine and diminishing attention span that modern lifestyles impose on people mean that many readers in Indian metros are ready to turn to tools they can carry on the go… whether that means audiobooks, e-readers, netbooks, or video.

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